Art on the Wabash 2019 Review

These artists participated in the 2019 fair.


Deb Achgill

Glass •

Deb says it is fun to create functional and decorative fused glass pieces.   And equally exciting to open up the kiln to see what has happened when you heat up the glass to a molten stage.


Michael Altman

Acrylic on Cardboard •

Growing up, Mike never wanted to be anything but an artist…well, maybe Batman for a while. Mike uses simple line work and bold colors to illustrate a sometimes complex message.


Dominick Andrisani

Metal sculpture •

Dominick uses traditional blacksmithing, welding, and modern machining to create visually interesting objects. His metalwork in copper, bronze, stainless steel and steel often feels more like flesh than metal.


Jeremy Ashcraft

Mixed media/photography •

“Found Art” is my favorite subject matter. I am drawn to rustic everyday items most people don’t notice. Printing my work on aluminum gives it a modern, edgy feel, contrasting nicely with the rustic subject matter.


David Barnett

Wood • 765-414-3830

Each box is carefully crafted to complement wood color and grain.  Attention to detain in form, fit and finish has been my labor of love for many years.



Rebecca Brody

Watercolor •

Rebecca Brody’s art celebrates the unique fluidity of transparent watercolor on a variety of surfaces. She enjoys painting local scenes, florals and wildlife, and is attempting to be less realistic, more expressive.


Rena Brouwer

Watercolor •,

Art has given me a voice to communicate important issues that I value. The preservation of our natural resources, our heritage and the opportunity to share with present and future generations experiences I have witness and felt during my lifetime.


Jennifer Brovont

Glass • 765-543-7057

I love working with broken, left-over scraps of glass, to form them into something new and beautiful, transforming windows that are no longer useful into works of art.


Bekki Canine

Mixed media •

In my work I combine collaged fabric, photographs, or paper into oil paintings.  Through these paintings I encourage thoughtful reflection about the environment and humans’ role in it.


Carolyn Cason

Jewelry • 765-404-6026

Carolyn resides in Tippecanoe County and has been creating artisan jewelry since 2001.  She has always had a desire to be creative and the design and creation of wearable art has become a real passion for her.  Over the years she has developed her own style of jewelry using mainly natural materials and to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.  She has come to love the processes of wire wrapping and wire weaving.


Becky Chapman

Watercolor •

I use watercolor to represent the beauty of a still life, a living creature, or an arrangement of flowers.  I enjoy the transparency, freedom, and challenge of watercolors.  I hope you enjoy viewing my painting, and that they appeal to your sense of color, design, and life in the world.


Coal Creek Clay                           (Ingrid Craft and Rachael Schatko)

Pottery •

This mother-daughter team incorporated as Coal Creek Clay in 2005. Their pottery includes high fire glazes and horse hair techniques. With over 50 years combined experience, they love playing in the clay together.


Terry Crose

Acrylic •

I feel that art should be enjoyed by both the artist and the viewer. I have fun creating patterns of shapes and colors into art. I hope people enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


Daniel T. Driggs

Acrylic • http://www.Daniel

My work involves the interplay between backgrounds and figurative or nature related foreground.  This interplay causes the viewer to mentally interact with the piece as it lets their minds fill in the abstract areas.


EB Bead and Metal Works          (Evie and Beth McCord)

Mixed media •

Evie and Beth, a mother and daughter team who has enhanced their natural bond into a creative partnership. They create one-of-kind treasures with the collaboration of their passions – metalsmithing and flameworking. Their ongoing challenge is to produce treasures that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch, and to stimulate the imagination of the beholder.


Linda Elmore 

Lampwork Glass Making •

I love making wearable art and gifts from glass. I hope you enjoy my work that’s made from love, imagination and creativity.


Kenya Ferrand-Ott

Watercolor & Jewelry •

I work in several mediums; Metal smithing, watercolors, and acrylics. Realism, education, and creating thrilling experiences are the goals of my art. My paintings represent Realism, but my jewelry allows me some whimsy.


Mary Firestone

Pottery •

Mary’s work consists of mostly functional items for the home and garden created in high-fired stoneware and porcelain. She encourages collectors of her pieces to enhance their lives by using art on a daily basis.


Josh Greives

Digital Photography •

I’m an artist from Lafayette Indiana.  My current work is created digitally with a southwest and an industrial mix.  


Alice Harpel

Oil •

I paint in oils, acrylics and pastels to capture the beauty found in my community- scenes of Sugar Creek, local country roads, and subjects from our local Farmer’s Market, where I demonstrate Saturday mornings.


Lisa Hopkins

Jewelry •

My artful sterling silver and gold jewelry collection features my etched calligraphy and hand drawn artwork. My work embraces thoughtful words and celebrates small wonders of nature. Each piece is hand-fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques.


Gail Johnston

Pottery and glass •

My objective is to create beauty through my art, using form, texture and color. My work is inspired by nature as I garden and I hike.


Brenda Kessler

Jewelry • www.

Handcrafted jewelry designed with a palette of fine silver, bronze, and semi-precious gemstones. Pieces of the past, like African beads, are often included to tell a new story.


Frank Koontz

Pottery •

Frank, a retired editor, has been making pottery since he built a kick wheel in 1970. He mixes many of his own glazes, and most of his work is done with stoneware clays.


Bill Krug

Woodturning •

Bill works with the varied color and texture of wood to create unique art pieces including bowls, ink pens, wine bottle racks, and vases.


Lizabeth Marks-Shepard

Jewelry • 317-460-0938

Starting with my childhood rock collection, I have been inspired and delighted by the colors, textures, and emotions of polished and natural stones.   Named after my beloved horse, Phoebe Wear Art Jewelry pieces feature natural stone pendants and beads that are complemented by other design elements.  


Craig Martin

Mixed Media •

Through expressive mark-making and vivid, wide-ranging color, Martin explores elements and spaces of the natural world.  His work ranges from small panels and works on paper to large-scale outdoor murals.


Alan McConnell

Photography •

Most of my large format images are black and white, which brings together a sort of ‘oneness’ of all the objects in an image. The only time I’ll use color as if the color itself is the main subject.


Alex Moon

Photography •

I have always been attracted to remote and wild places.  Each place has its own unique spirit, and my goal is to create photographs that convey the experience of being in that place.


Daniel Moore

Wood • 317-850-5927

I turn green wood from fallen limbs and trees into bowls and hollow vessels and any item that can be made on a lathe.  The warmth and softness and beauty of wood is my passion.


Emily Oland

Glass Jewelry • 765-337-3778

Emily is a fused glass artist who lives in West Lafayette. Her goal is to bring the sense of growth, color and movement of the natural world into her fused glass. Most recently she has been marrying her love of painting with glass fusing by incorporating enamels and traditional painting techniques in her art.


Sharon Owens

Glass •

Using multiple layers of handmade murrine, latticino, cane and dichroic glass, unique furnace glass pieces are created. Detailed work is accomplished using the torch for flameworking or for pieces made separately.


Anne R. Parks

Oil •

As a child I spent very little time inside; therefore I started my studies of nature early in my life. Nature inspires me because it is a mysterious, exciting, rejuvenating, and (all too) fleeting resource. My hope is to inspire others to think about how we treat creatures, our natural world, and each other.


Donna Provo-Leuck

Sculpture •

My “Kitchen Robots” are earth friendly, made from recycled items discarded by others.  I try to give each of them a personality that will capture someone’s heart.  Saving the world, one robot at a time!


Laura Ricks

Textiles •

I love using soft, beautiful wool roving and rich, colorful fabrics to create textiles inspired by landscapes and scenes from my midwestern upbringing. Needle felted and sewn details create depth and definition in my work.

(2018 winner of the Suzy Cole’s People’s Choice Award)


Daryl Smith

Wood •

My work combines a love of wood, a philosophy of recycling, and a passion for color to create abstract works of wood art.


Sallie Spencer

Oil •

As a contemporary impressionist oil painter, I strive to create scenes that capture the light and essence of landscapes.  I complete small plain-air studies on site, then enlarge and refine them in my studio.


Lisa Stillman

Jewelry • One Paisley Chick on Facebook

Each day, when I’m out and about, I pick up stones and trinkets left behind by another passerby, and bring them home, adding to a collection of memories that didn’t begin with me. I hope that the wearable assemblages speak, not only for me, but for themselves…and for the souls who touched each element in its previous lives.


Joan Tietz

Mixed Media •

My art is inspired by the colors and textures found in nature.  I hand paint papers and collect interesting papers to use as my media.  I “draw” with my scissors.


Adam Vanderwielen

Acrylic and mixed media • 765-430-0961

Adam teaches Art and PE in the Lafayette area and greatly appreciates being part of Art on the Wabash again this year!  Adam lives in West Lafayette with his wife, Amina, and their six creative/interesting kids;-). Adam enjoys abstract painting and uses a variety of materials for both the paints (mostly acrylic) and the canvases (often doors).


Lisa Walsh

Jewelry •

Lisa creates hand-fabricated jewelry for the body and the home, including the Topography Series and handmade flameworked glass beads.


Deborah Waymire

Jewelry •

I create handcrafted, one of a kind, jewelry.  As a glass bead maker, silversmith and enamelist – I make beautiful silver and Cloisonné jewelry.  My pieces are unique works of art – never mass-produced so you won’t see another piece created exactly the same.


Craig Whitten

Watercolor •

Craig Whitten, formally trained in Landscape Architecture at Purdue University, paints minimalist abstracted nature, fused with an Asian aesthetic, using watercolor brushwork typically on handmade paper.

Whitten 2______________________________________________________________

Bonnie Zimmer

Jewelry •

Bonnie Zimmer creates one-of-a-kind works of art for personal adornment in a range of media and methods including natural and salvaged materials, copper, beading, and eco-dying.


We all look forward to seeing you at this year’s Art on the Wabash!